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Phi Asset Managers

Lead With Unreserved Benevolence!
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 Welcome to Phi Asset ManagersTM

Phi αsset managers, operates as a quantitative φιlanthropic φιnancial φoundation, implementing our proprietary investment optimization technology. Our proprietary technology helps generate α (άλφα), adhere to company values, enhance our long-term dedication to key stakeholders, & further helps support the causes we care about most. Moreover, as a social enterprise, lead with unreserved benevolence. Our organization's philosophy allows for us to operate in a carbon neutral, eco-friendly, & energy efficient manner. Collectively, Φ αsset managers CSR initiatives, greatly help minimize our eco-footprint & concurrently maximize management's ϴ (θήτα) & devotion toward philanthropy.


Social Entrepreneurs- Are the equivalent of a business entrepreneur but instead operate in the social, not-for-profit sector building 'something from nothing'. The social entrepreneur is driven by an emotional desire to address some of the big social and economic conditions in the world, for example, poverty and educational deprivation, rather than by the desire for profit. Moreover, social entrepreneurs seek novel and innovative solutions to current and future social quandaries.



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  • Financial Market Insights 
The S&P 500® is one of the most well known averages across the Φnancial industryTM (FI or Φ) & is often known as the S&P 500® by laymen outside the inner circles of Φnance. The S&P ΦTM index/average 
is widely regarded as the best single gauge of large-cap U.S. equities. There is over $7.8 trillion benchmarked to the S&
π φhi indexTM The index includes Φ asset managersTM /CEO's, all managing their respective companies, and reflects   ~ π% (~80%) coverage of the available Φnancial market capitalization π. Moreover, is the de facto standard in φιlosophical debates on the eφφcient market hypothesis. The Σ&Π Φ TM index (Sócrates & Plato Φ) is the pre-emminate performance benchmark for calculating, αlphiTM A measure of risk adjusted performance in Φnance which arises when comparing α to α. The better  A is the portfolio of Aristotle. 

  • Encyclopedias- Please explore our collection of terms covering a wide range of subjects for the pursuit & encouragement of a well rounded education. Also enjoy unlimited access to our Encyclopedic Museum & Biblioteca.

  • Company Newsletters- P
    lease check our newsletter section from 
    ϴ to ϴ for Δ in our Φnancial letters.

  • FAQ about Phi Asset Managers  
What letter, from the Greek alphabet, does our name begin with? P the Greek letter named Rho; Similar to the word paideia, & is a derivative of an options value with respect to the risk free interest rate.

Phi Asset Managers, with the use of our neural network technology, invests in a multi-asset class market neutral strategy. Our global research & investment process establishes long or short positions in virtually any underlying or derivative financial risk instrument; 
for the purposes of delta hedging & speculating on price anomalies in the financial risk instrument. Phi Asset Managers, since our "birthday" c. Friday the 13th. April 2007, has designed & developed our portfolio optimization software, named AlphiTM Pronounced & abbreviated as 'Alfy'TM.
 The new term is derived from the Greek letters Alpha & Phi. 

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